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Internet Web Design and Hosting

"It has been said success is a journey. . . not a destination. The same is true when dealing with web sites. A successful web site is a journey . . . not a destination."

A lot of companies design web sites. At Odyssey, we know that an effective, results-producing site has to do more than look good. It has to draw in your audience, be easy to navigate and free of technical problems. What's more, your target audience has to know about the site and find it before it can bring you any benefit at all.

Odyssey designs, develops, implements and hosts your web site, and continues to work with you to keep it producing results. We help you register the site on the right search engines, ensure it's up and running, and even help you determine the tangible return on your investment. But, most important, we work with you upfront to determine if a web site is the right solution for your business objectives.

Because our focus is new media, Odyssey utilizes the latest programming tools available. We have the software to program any technique or effect, and complete facilities for graphic audio and video production. The result is a clean, communicative site that positions your company and drives results from your target audience.

Tell me more.

Before you develop a web site, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why the World Wide Web?
  2. What's the Purpose of your Site?
  3. Who is Your Target Audience?
  4. How Often Will You Update the Site?
  5. Where Will the Site Be Hosted?
  6. How Will You Market the Site?



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