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Internet Marketing and Web Site Promotion

Did your company build a web site . . .And nobody came ?

The days of simply launching a web site and waiting for the world to come are gone. Primary search engine ranking, key word density analysis, link popularity, search engine algorithm identification, spiders and Bots. Today’s search engines require a confusing combination of technology and timing to assure your site gets a favorable position on the first page of a search for your company’s services.

Odyssey can help you resolve these issues by developing for you a strategic iMarketing plan. Our iMarketing planning process puts an emphasis on determining the strategic factors that need to dictate the correct web site design and construction. We also take into account your current marketing and promotional strategies and work with you to develop a promotional plan to position your company web site where it will deliver the results you want!

Once we have a clear strategy, we design and develop a tactical plan for implementation. This plan includes elements of the web site but goes beyond it to encompass all elements necessary for the success of the imarketing strategy. Then we build or rebuild the web site for effectiveness and ROI.

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