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Distance Learning

We've entered the era of the virtual classroom, where companies can train a nationwide audience at one time, with one message, without the high cost of travel and time away from the office. Or train a new employee with a self-paced, interactive program without waiting for the next scheduled class.

These virtual classrooms can range from small interactives on a single subject to on-line, real-time teleconferencing that could involve multiple instructors, topics and days. Either way, Odyssey has the expertise to make the Internet your greatest resource for employee or customer training.

And add to your bottom line in the process.

Tell me more.

Distance learning can be used for:

  • Sales Force Training
  • New Product Roll Outs
  • Customer Seminars
  • Employee Orientation
  • Technical Training
  • 401K Sessions
  • Re-launching Existing Programs
  • Anything That Involves People, Course Material and Instruction

distance learning