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How We Do It

Quite simply, we partner our customers with the media technology that achieves their goal. Then, we use that platform to creatively, effectively and compellingly tell their story to their target audience, and deliver a return on their investment.

Every client is different. Some need a web site that markets their product while enhancing their brand position. Others, an Intranet site that not only communicates to employees, but offers interactive training. Still others need a combination of media-Internet, Intranet and Extranet created for different audiences, supported by an interactive CD-ROM or video presentation for their sales force to take on the road.

As new media consultants, our services go beyond the launch of your web site. We register your domain name, advise on how to draw people to your site, host it, register it and keep it running smoothly. We constantly upgrade our equipment and software to stay on top of ever-changing technology. And, we employ the best creative minds in the business.

In short, we explore what the Internet and other new media can provide to your business, and to your bottom line. Then, we return against that vision. Take a look at our case studies, and see for yourself.

Case Studies...