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Our Leadership

"We're not merely practitioners; we're problem solvers. Our first question is always: 'What are you trying to do? ' Our next question is 'Who is your audience and how do we take them from where they are to where you want them to be?' "

-- Ron Grayson
President and Founder
Odyssey Communications Group

With an expansive background in marketing, technology, communications, music, and executive management, Ron Grayson brings a unique, out-of-the-box approach to Odyssey Communications Group. After a successful career with the Texas Instrument's marketing department, which included programming interactive presentations for the Star War initiatives; designing and programming an image database system and producing briefings for the Department of Defense and Congressional review, Grayson co-founded Grayson Hollingsworth, and developed it into a $3 million communications company.

With the changes in communication technologies, he founded Odyssey Communications Group in 1992, a B-to-B communications company that melds the art of marketing communications with the science of cutting-edge technology, and continues to play a key, hands-on role in the development of each project. Grayson holds a multitude of degrees, including BA in Music Composition with a minor studies in Biology/Premed and Psychology, a BA in Counseling, a ThM and did his doctoral studies in Educational Media and Technology.

"We don't sell one-size-fits-all business communications solutions. First, we work with our customers to determine exactly what their needs are, then determine what we can do to effectively meet these needs. "

-- Jim Pullum
Sales and Marketing
Odyssey Communications Group

Jim Pullum brings an extensive working knowledge of web-based media, e-Commerce, video and multimedia to Odyssey Communications. He has held numerous Director- and Manager-level positions focused on strategic communications planning and e-Commerce initiatives for a variety of companies in the telecom and high-tech markets. In addition, he owned and managed two successful video and multimedia corporate communications companies, serving an extensive client base. This combination of experience positions Pullum to clearly understand his customers' business-to-business objectives, and the new media resources available to meet these needs. He holds a BA from Harvard University and has completed numerous upper graduate management courses.

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