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Hello, I'm Mike Stanfill, and I've been a freelance commercial illustrator seemingly forever so there are a lot of illustrations under this ever-widening belt. This page offers a small selection of my faves and you can see larger, more detailed versions by clicking on the little thumbnails below.

Incidentally, the self-portrait to your left was my first digital artwork, circa 1987, created for my TI99/4A user group. Click my handsome mug for the whole rogues gallery.

The Accumulated Rowing News Illustrations

I contributed illustrations to Rowing News Magazine for several years so I have quite the collection of them. Rather than bloat this page with a ton of thumbnails I've bloated a separate section entirely. Click the icon to the left for a comparative look at my editorial craft for the water-logged set.

The Toaster Mocks Me! - Adobe Illustrator.

Since I do a lot of boring corporate crappola this was a real treat. A cover illustration for a new book called "The Toaster Mocks Me!", by writer Steve Margolis.

The Imaginary Casino - Adobe Illustrator.

This was a fun job. The client wanted a personal set of customized poker chips which featured a mythic Greek motif. The budget wasn't impressive but he let me let me do whatever I wanted.

Compressor - Adobe Illustrator.

I was handed a new type of air-conditioner compressor, sliced into sections, and asked to illustrate it was best as possible. The garish colors were an editorial decision designed to highlight the innovative tech.

Under the Hood - Adobe Illustrator.

Covenant Design saw my version of the compressor above and asked for something a bit more direct. I'm always amazed at the subtle shading of which Adobe Illustrator is capable.

Zero Gravity Toybox - Airbrush and acrylic paint.

Self-promotional artwork, from sometime in the late 90s.

Arresting Graphics - Pen & Ink, airbrush, acrylic paints.

I was to develop a series of images to be used as promotional devices for a local ad agency. This was my favorite of the bunch as I really liked how the little characters came out, especially the poor little "pencil pusher".

U R Z 1 4 Me! - Pen & Ink, airbrush, acrylic paints.

This was another in a long string of self-promotional illustrations.

Boomerang - Adobe Illustrator.

This curious little illustration graced a brochure for a banking concern. The headline was something like "Our clients always come back." It was fun drawing the little characters in these contorted shapes.

Battletech: Armed Conflict - Pen & Ink on hot-press board.

"Battletech" is primarily a futuristic table-top game of armored combat designed around thirty-foot-tall walking tanks. This illustration was created for a related fan-zine.

Jumpin'- Pen & ink, acrylic paints.

This image was used in a promotional mail-out for a bank whose name now escapes me. Looking back, I'm surprised the client had no problem with green-colored checkers.

Rushing For Snacks - Pen & Ink, acrylic paint.

A large poster created for Frito-Lay. Look closely because that's not a football the runner is protecting.

Laminate How-To - Adobe Illustrator

This was part of a DIY lamination instruction booklet. I rather enjoy illustrating these step-by-step processes.

Gears - Adobe Illustrator

This is a sentimental favortie as it was my first creation using Adobe Illustrator.

RoadRail - Pen and ink, acrylic paints.

Developed for a local wood-products company with national aspirations. The original was over 24" across and contained more cross-hatched lines than I care to think about.

Ballboys Vs. the RedSquares - Pen and ink, acrylic paint.

Another self-promotional work done in my pre-Mac days, illustrating a somewhat twisted view of the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins football rivalry.

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All images copyright Mike Stanfill