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Developing the best possible sales system is a key investment for most companies. Many organizations fail to develop their sales systems to their fullest potential because it lacked proper internal or external support. The result is that sales representatives are unable to implement the new tools and processes into their daily routines. Execution is where “the rubber meets the road”. If your sales people are unable to succeed on a daily basis within the new system, then your ROI may be sub optimized.

BCI ensures companies achieve their desired ROI by providing ongoing training and rollout support. Once the sales system is fully developed and a SOP (standard operating procedures) manual is created, all of the project documentation is translated into modular training material. This operational training is blended between process, policies and procedures and soft skills training. In other words, principal based sales training supports the operational vision of executive management and your strategic plan. The result is a finely tuned sales force that understands how to apply the new sales system, to effectively close more opportunities and can and will these new skills with your customers.

What are the benefits?

1. Increase adoption from your sales organization
2. Support that ensures sales success
3. Tools that increase sales effectiveness
4. Standardized go-to-market approach by your sales organization
5. Measurable and quantifiable value added for both your customers and your company

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