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Sales Organizational Structure
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A key function to managing any business is resource allocation. There is always a limited supply of resources and generally unlimited ways in which to focus them in any given situation. Organizational structures should be developed in alignment with:

1. New sales model, cycle and processes
2. Available sales and support resources
3. Where your highest probability prospects and highest yielding customers are located
4. The ability to properly service your prospects and customers

BCI will compare the existing sales resource structure against Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence data to identify optimal organizational structures and territory coverage. The new structures and coverage are then mapped to the sale model, cycle and process. The result is a process centered sales force optimally organized to sell into territories rich with qualified leads, prospects, and new customers.

What are the benefits?

1. Confidence in account and geographic coverage
2. Minimize wasted resources and time
3. Accurate allocation of sales resource
4. Higher probability of quota attainment

Our step-by-step approach to Sales Organizational Structure looks like this:

Identify & document existing sales resource structures.
Use sales & marketing BI to identify optimized coverage.
Map optimized sales resource structure to new sales model, cycle, and process.
Evaluate current sales and support roles/functions.
Modify role descriptions and functions to align with new sales system.
Integrate new organizational structure with new roles & functional requirements.

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