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Sales Process
Charting the waters
In recent years, constant market fluctuations and the pace of change have been intense. As a best-practice, process development and continuous improvement allows a sales system and its resources to be scaleable, highly adaptable and operationally prepared to succeed in good or bad economies. The process is the foundation of every effective business system. Developing, implementing and being accountable to operational processes helps businesses create repeatable actions that are designed to effectively generate revenue or reduce expenses. Many organizations believe that they have processes in place, when in fact most companies have a rudimentary outline of tasks. Often, processes are not thoroughly documented, which makes training new employees and maintaining consistency a challenge.

BCI strives to develop solutions that are creative and fundamentally sound. If your sales people can’t translate or use the sales system in their daily routines, then the system will fail. Documenting processes is the first clear step in creating a sales system that every employee will be able to use on a daily basis.

What are the benefits?

1. Standardized sales processes
2. Repeatable, scaleable and adaptable
3. Reduce unnecessary sales overhead
4. Easily adopted by new sales resources

Our step-by-step approach to Sales Process looks like this:

Map existing sales and supporting processes.
Compare existing sales processes to internal and external best-practices.
Identify areas of opportunity for change.
Compare existing sales processes to the new sales model/cycle.
Adapt existing best-practice processes in alignment with new model/cycle.
Document new sales model, cycle and processes.

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