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Sales Models
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Every business has its own style of selling that defines its “sales” culture. There are many ways to sell effectively. In an attempt to balance limited resources, many companies struggle with deploying the most effective sales model. There are many “go-to-market” strategies that use outside, inside or hybrid structures. These choices are further compounded by options such as reorganizing into a centralized, decentralized or outsourcing model. BCI assists in developing the most cost effective sales strategy by using the knowledge gained from Best Practices Benchmarking and Gap Analysis combined with Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence to create a balanced approach designed to succeed.

BCI first analyzes and documents how your current sales organization “goes-to-market.” With these results, a comparison is made between the existing model and external best practices within similar industries. The result is a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the sales model. BCI then fills the gaps with appropriate external best practices. The next step is to develop a logical sales cycle that is aligned with the sales model. Once the sales cycle is developed then the supporting processes, policies and procedures can begin to be developed with confidence.

What are the benefits?

1. Identification of strengths that need to be supported and weaknesses that require change
2. Sales force alignment with your target markets, prospects and customers
3. Competitive differentiation

Our step-by-step approach to Sales Models looks like this:

Identify & document current "go-to-market" strategy and sales model.
Compare "go-to-market" strategy to external best-practices in similar market spaces.
Identify gaps and internal best-practices.
Develop action plan to fill gaps and proliferate internal best-practices.
Develop appropriate sales cycle in alignment with new model.
Begin forming sales processes in support of the new sales model and cycle.

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