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The most successful sales organizations integrate key sales and marketing functions into one cohesive effort. A sales force’s ability to “efficiently” find and move qualified buyers through the sales cycle is more important in today’s market then ever before. With budgets under severe pressure; sales teams are striving to concentrate their sales resources’ time in pursuit of the highest probability and most profitable customers.

BCI will evaluate “line of business” in context to horizontal and vertical market spaces. A detailed customer profile is created to help shape a customer segmentation model. With this model, BCI is able to identify high probability customer criteria, which may then be used to search lead generation databases. The result is a targeted lead pool of high probability accounts ranked by profit potential. This data is then layered over the current territory strategy to reveal the strengths and weaknesses. Once the territory strategy is optimized, BCI develops “sales conversion formulas” designed to identify “realistic” sales projects.

What are the benefits?

1. Identification of high probability prospects
2. Properly aligned territory coverage strategy
3. Less time wasted on low yielding sales activities
4. Validate projections and revenue forecasts
5. “Realistic” sales activity and goal expectations

Our step-by-step approach to Sales & Marketing Intelligence looks like this:

Evaluate line
of business and vertical/horizontal market spaces.
Develop detailed customer profiles and segmentation models.
Identify high probability customer criteria.
Run criteria against lead generation database.
Identify sales force coverage and sort lead pool into existing territories.
Develop sales conversion formulas to identify "realistic" sales projections

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