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he US economy has forced many companies to rethink their revenue and profit generation business practices and begin to investigate sales consulting, marketing consulting, customer service consulting and management consulting firms to help gain a competitive edge. American companies are under extreme pressure from shareholders, and their internal sales leadership to concentrate on sales consulting efforts that will quickly impact their companies sales performance without wasting either sales or marketing consulting resources on generic proposals or management consulting that doesn’t have a direct impact on their sales and their profit margins. Sales consulting must help these organizations adapt and optimize their sales and marketing systems in order to capture more profitable business.

American based companies that optimize their sales systems, sales consulting systems, and marketing efforts to win in today’s economic conditions will be positioned to take advantage of damaged competitor relationships. Baker Communications, a major sales and marketing consulting company can and will help your organization develop a holistic sales system that enables your sales and customer service organization to be adaptive, profit conscious and value driven while faced with unprecedented pressure to achieve greater results, faster.

Sales Consulting
  • Optimize sales operations to increase efficiency
  • Focus sales consulting and marketing resources on the highest return opportunities
  • Transition to a value focused, milestone based sales organization
  • Implement a self correcting sales process that reflects your customer's acquisition process and creates value to both you and your customer's organization
  • Maximize your sales channels and marketing partners
  • Enable sales managers to affectively coach and lead their sales teams
  • Gain a competitive sales and marketing consultative advantage
  • Execute human resource, sales consulting, and marketing consulting plans for immediate sales results

Consulting Sales Marketing
Baker Communications
offers its Performance Sales Systems customer consulting, sales consulting and marketing consulting development in a bundled or unbundled format organized around the practice areas listed on the left.

You can click on each of the ten sales related topics for a description of each segment of our custom value based sales and marketing systems approach to profit improvement.

Contact us for a free sales, marketing, and customer service consultation on the effectiveness of your current sales process and/or to discuss how our Sales System can improve your bottom line. This free sales consulting approach can begin with an on line questionnaire that will help direct your efforts to quickly make lasting change on any dysfunctional sales related system.

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