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  This one day Managing Negotiations Value Creation seminar is designed for the negotiator who is ready to refine and practice the potential sources of value creation in a potential negotiation. We recommend this workshop as an intensive one day class.

In our Managing Negotiations Value Creation seminar, you will learn to analyze five (5) different scenarios that yield efficient trades over valuation, discount rates, expectations and risk tolerance. You will be engaged in numerous specific negotiation role-plays designed for each of these situations to realistically evaluate the human obstacles and interpersonal conflict, and structural problems such as strategic behavior, misaligned frames or poor management of the entire process. You will learn to adapt this comprehensive all-purpose strategy in ON LINE pre-reading exercises and quiz's to complex situations involving negotiating teams, multi-party negotiations and negotiators of varying skill levels. A heavy concentration of the use of case studies combined with real world situations will enhance your ability to immediately apply the negotiations skills learned to your current work assignments.

Baker Communications' on-Site Negotiations Training is generally tailored (free of charge) to your specific needs and your organizations needs. This interactive training workshop can be delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice.

  As a result of attending the Managing Negotiations Value Creation seminar, you will be able to:

  • Understand potential sources of value creation
  • Overcome practical barriers to meeting your achievement goals for the negotiation
  • Learn to analyze five scenarios that yield value to you and your company
  • Apply the outcomes to particular work assignment negotiations
  • Understand and implement complex in-depth skill based negotiations
  • Determine the role of a repeatable negotiating process in reaching business objectives

  Class Size: 6-15
(Please note that we can increase the class size for private seminars)
Length: 1 day
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM