Mike Stanfill, Private Hand

Hello, I'm Mike Stanfill and I want to be your freelance creative provider. I'm handy (get it?) with illustration, web design, print, and Flash animation. Take a look at all I have to offer and give me a call if there's anything I can do for you that doesn't involve heavy lifting or advanced math skills.

Illustration Portfolio

Illustration - In 3rd grade I discovered I could gross out the girls by drawing pictures of dead guys with big, slimy worms oozing out of their nostrils. It was such moments that crystallized my desire to become a working artiste, which I eventually did. Click ze leetle icon to the left to enter my colorful world.

Web Design Samples

Web Design - In the mid-90's I decided it was time to get my feet wet in this "internet" thing so I proceeded to build an online illustration portfolio using a few books on HTML for reference and good old Simpletext. Web technology has changed a lot since then but a site is still a site. Call me if your feet moistening, too.

Animation Samples

Animation - I've been dabbling in animation since 1995. My main tool is still Adobe Flash but it's still VERY capable of creating contect for just about any environment. Come take a peek at what I can do.

Print design samples

Print Design - Every business eventually needs a logo, business card, flyer, brochure, or banner for the side of the pick-up truck. Short of designing an entire catalog I can handle just about all your print needs. So click the link to your left and take a gander at some of my past assignments.  

today's featured thingy

This was created for Rowing Magazine, deftly illustrating the same experience so many of us regularly encounter. What? You don't? It's just me? Uh-oh.

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