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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand

Hello. My name is Mike Stanfill and I want to be your freelance graphic provider. I'm handy (get it?) with illustration, web and print design, Flash animation, and just about anything that involves a computer and an active imagination. From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York to Florida (Man! I'm getting dizzy.) I can do it all for you without even getting out of my Garanimals. Take a look at all I have to offer and give me a call if there's anything I can do for you that doesn't involve heavy lifting or advanced math skills.

Illustration Portfolio

Illustration - In 3rd grade I discovered I could gross out the girls by drawing pictures of dead guys with big, slimy worms oozing out of their nostrils. It was such moments that crystallized my desire to become a working artiste, which I eventually did. Since leaving college I've been freelancing as a commercial illustrator in Dallas, Texas, developing graphics for newspapers, magazines, print ads, technical & medical journals, children's books, greeting cards, T-shirts, brochures, business cards, storyboards and just about anything else that involves print or pixels. Click the icon to your left for a few examples.

Web Design Samples

Web Design - In the mid-90's I decided it was time to get my feet wet in this "internet" thing, so I proceeded to build an online illustration portfolio using a few books on HTML for reference and good old Simpletext. Eventually I got good enough at designing web sites that I started getting the occasional assignment. Now web development makes up about half of my business and I've created or redesigned close to a hundred different digital venues. Click the image to your left for a choice selection of my favorite sites.

Flash Animation Samples

Flash Animation - Way back in 1997 I won an online contest, sponsored by the late and lamented Mac Addict, by creating an animated GIF. The prize included a handful of software titles, one of them being a copy of Flash, Version One. I was fascinated by the potential of this program but the way it handled sound was unwieldy. Then Version Four was released, with MP3 capability, and there was no looking back. Click the image to your left, the green glob, for a tasty sample of my Flash skills. 

Print samples

Print Design - Every business eventually needs a logo, or a business card, or a brochure. Or an ad, or a banner, or a magnetic sign for the side of the truck. Short of designing an entire catalog I can handle just about all your print needs. So click the link over there and take a gander at some of my recent assignments.  

free comics

Comics - For about six years I made a valiant attempt to join the likes of Berkley Breathed, Bill Watterson, and Gary Trudeau on the daily funny pages. I managed to get close a time or two but just wasn't able to snag the Big Brass Syndication Ring. So to assuage my disappointment I'm presenting a choice collection of what I thought were my best concepts to you, the humor-starved public.

The Infinite Cat Project

The Infinite Cat Project - What started out as a peculiar diversion, cats watching cats watching cats, caught the public's fancy in a most spectacular fashion and now the project has set up shop on its own domain, www.infinitecat.com. I maintain this vestigial link on this page because several hundred sites still point here. If you haven't anything better to do for the next hour or so, go visit this fuzzy flight of fancy.

Things I found
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Animal Collective's
"Lion In a Coma",
animated by
Ori Toor


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