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This is a really thin little red line. It's purpose is to steal your underpants when you are sleeping.


Now with roentgenium, copernicium, flerovium, and livermorium!

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If you liked this animation you'll LOVE Tom Lehrer's music. Click here for details.
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for a terrific little animated introduction to the element oxygen.

A story from the last student in the last class Lehrer ever taught, circa 2001.
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for the earliest known Tom Lehrer recordings! Wow!
Video of Tom performing math tunes. Click here.
Click here for a 2003 Australian interview with Tom.

Or here for an interview with T.L. by The Onion.
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Click here for a 9k PDF file of the lyrics to The Elements.
Is Roy Zimmerman the new Tom Lehrer? Judge for yourself. I like him!

Bad NEWS! My stock of The Element DVD's have sold out. But they're still available on
How about your very own Periodic Table Shower Curtain? Or some Periodic Table Blocks.

For those who are interested, I completed primary animation of Mr. Lehrer's snappy little ditty involving the periodic tables sometime early in the year 2000. I thereupon added it to my web site for all to bask in the glory of Saint Thomas. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by friends of Mr. Lehrer who said that he had seen the animation and was quite pleased with the result. My happiness gland soon exploded from delight overload.

Six years, and about two million downloads later, I was contacted by the WestEd company who thought the animation would be a valuable resource to offer to their education-oriented audience. After some minor financial haggling they, Tom, and I agreed to the deal and the animation can now be found on Art Sussman's "Dr. Art Does Science" DVD. I couldn't be more pleased.

Since 2000 the animation has gone through several minor changes, mostly involving the addition of new elements.

Animation copyright Mike Stanfill.
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